Using Google Sheets with uno Apps

Certain uno apps from the Singular Template Library are designed to connect with Google Sheet data such as uno Flipper and uno Playlist. Seamlessly funnel your cell data the overlays in real time with the uno by Add-on.

1 - Download an uno Template Designed to Work With Google Sheets

Find an uno app that works with Google Sheets and open it up.

2 - Duplicate App's Google Sheet

Navigate to the App's Setup panel and select the "Connect to Google Sheet" button under "Data Source".

Selecting the button duplicates a specific Google Sheet into your account, allowing you to have control over the data.

3 - Connect the Google Sheet to your App

A. Install the "uno by" Add-on

In your new personal Google Sheet, navigate to "Add-ons" >> "Get add-ons" if not yet installed >> search for and download "uno by"


B. Open the Add-on Sidebar

To start using the add-on, open it into the sidebar. "Extensions" >> "uno by" >> Open Sidebar

C. Paste Information into Sidebar

Copy/paste Access Token

Copy the Access Token from your template and paste it into the Token field in the Google Sheet Add-on sidebar.

Select Cell Range

Select the cell range of data you want to use in your template. Make sure you include your column header text in the range as this is necessary for proper data mapping!

4 - Map Data

Now that your Sheet has been successfully connected to your template, you'll need to map your Sheet data to the desired control points within the "Field Mapping" Section of the Setup panel.

Choose a Google Sheet Data Field for each Control Node ID parameter to make sure your data goes to the correct areas of your overlay.


A Data Field option is a data column header text inside your Google Sheet.

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  • Where can I find the compatible uno playlist templates?

  • Hi Roderick,
    You can download the UNO Playlist templates from the "Template Library".

    1. Open the "Template Library"
    2. Select "UNO" filter
    3. Select "Playlist" filter
    4. Select your favorite template
    5. Click "Use this template" to add the template to your dashboard


  • I have the same issue as roderickleverett

    Followed the advice from support......

    There are no templates that use google sheets in the Template Library.

    The filter options for 'data source' are: - 2 templates - 5 templates

    Manual - 334 templates

    Weather API - 19 templates


    None of the available templates appear to use a GoogleSheet as the data source.

  • cerberus are you using or The Template Library in Singular does have Google Sheet connected templates as outlined by the original comment or by simply searching "google sheets".

  • I'm using Uno Overlays.

    This article is about using Google Sheets with Uno. It says right there in the article: "Find an UNO template that works with Google Sheets and open it up".

    But there are no UNO templates that work with Google Sheets, by design?

    So.... what is the point of this article? But worse, If you can't point UNO at dynamic data then... what's the point of UNO?

  • cerberus There are templates in the Template Library that work with Google Sheets. Here is one for example.

  • cerberus Here are all the Google Sheet type templates in the Template Library.

  • Will these templates ever be included on the platform? 

  • roderickleverett yes we have plans to release Google Sheet connected templates to platform

  • I've got a template that uses the Google sheets, and I've installed the Addon for Sheets. But when I go to "Add-ons" >> Singular is greyed out, any ideas how to fix?


    I've granted the addon permission and just to be safe I set the sheet to not private and it's still greyed out. 

  • tyler.burgess can you check to see if this has been resolved? This might be related to you simultaneously being logged into two separate Google accounts.


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