uno Flipper is an uno type template designed to turn Google Sheet data into an automated flipper for your overlay.


uno Flipper Panels


A panel where you can take ON/OFF the data from your Google Sheet that has been organized into a searchable playlist.


  • Overlay ON/OFF - Animate on/off the template's overlay
  • Duration - Set the duration of each set of data before moving to the next
  • Loop ON/OFF - Activate a loop to the beginning of the data
  • Restart on Show - Restart the data when the overlay is animated ON
  • Restart on Data - Restart the flipper data to the beginning when new data has arrived
  • Update Content - Define when the overlay content is updated, either Immediately or at the Beginning of Loop

A panel designed to set up the Google Sheet Data source and Field Mapping


  • Data Source - button to Generate a Google Sheet into your personal account, Playlist Preview allows you to define the title of each line item in the Control Panel UI
  • Field Mapping - Assign a Google Sheet data field to a Control Node property, funneling your Sheet Data to the desired areas of the overlay

A tutorial on successfully connecting a Google Sheet to UNOs can be found here.


The "Customize" panel allows users to customize pre-defined elements of an overlay's style. These properties can vary with each overlay but frequently contain color and effects settings.


UI Layout

The "UI Layout" panel contains two types of modifiable properties: "Settings" and "Number of Panels".



Turn on or off the following UI elements:

  • Control App Header
  • Preview Window
  • Panel Menu
  • Navigation Buttons

You can also switch between Light or Dark mode with the Appearance toggle switch.

Number of Panels


  • Number Selector - Select the number of panels visible. Auto displays the number of panels based off of operator screen size
  • ENTER FULLSCREEN - Pushes the UI into fullscreen mode

Click here for an overview of the uno family of templates (including how to output the live overlays, access the API and more).

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