Using a Stream Deck with uno Apps

uno Control Apps have dedicated APIs, allowing you to seamlessly connect your Stream Deck device to your uno to easily control the overlays.

1 - Download Stream Deck Plugin

Before you do anything, first make sure you have your Stream Deck application installed. This application is designed to support your physical Stream Deck device.

Next, download the Singular Stream Deck Plugin, here.

2 - Install

Install the downloaded plugin. When successfully installed, you should see appear as an option in the right side panel with a button titled Uno Control.

3 - Set up a button

A. Drag and drop

Drag the plugin onto a virtual Stream Deck button.

B. Copy/paste API Token

Copy access token from the uno interface. Then paste into the "App Token" box in Stream Deck. Now the app's api is ready to use.

C. Select a command

Finally, select what command to use for the button. If you want to start with something simple, choose "Show Overlay"

D. Rename button

Rename button to a desired name.

E. Repeat

Repeat as required for the buttons you want. To make it easy, we recommend copying your existing button, pasting it onto a new button and then just changing the name and the API command.

"Overlay content" Actions

Set overlay content JSON

The "Set overlay content JSON" action allows you to define all parameters available within an overlay from a single JSON payload.


Scroll beneath the payload area to fetch the current payload from the overlay.

Change overlay field

The "Change overlay field" action is available in many uno overlay templates and allows you to define the settings of a single control field in the form of a value (number or text).

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