The Video Animation Widget is a way to specify a clip for the "In Animation" and another clip for the "Out Animation" in your Composition.

To learn how to add a Widget to your Composition, click here. Remember, any underlined widget properties can be connected to a Control Node or a Data Node.


The Video Animation Widget does not support audio.


Video files cannot be uploaded to your Singular Dashboard. If you need to host your own files, you can set up your own web server or use Amazon S3 cloud storage.


As seen above, select the "Video Clip" tab in the Property Panel to update this widget's following property types:

In and Out transitions

Video In -  Link to web hosted video file for IN animation. We highly recommend using WebM files. This video link can be grabbed from almost anywhere online.

Video Out - Link to web hosted video file for OUT animation.

Loop while in In state

Video Loop - Link to web hosted video file.

Fade Duration - Duration of fade effect in seconds


Object-Fit - Contain, Cover or Fill options for the video placement within its Bounding Box

Shift - Adjust the position of the video within the widget bounding box when the aspect ratio of the widget doesn't match the aspect ratio of the video.

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