Circles are typically used for creating clocks or other time-related elements, pie charts, show logos, and backgrounds. It can be used as a full circle or portion of it, such as an outline or slice.

To learn how to add a Widget to your Composition, click here.

Remember, any underlined widget properties can be connected to a Control Node or a Data Node.


As seen above, select the "Circle" tab in the Property Panel to update this widget's following property types:



Keep Aspect - Keep or remove the aspect ratio.

Radius - Radius percentage size. Essentially the size of the circle.

Hole Size - If you want a hole in the center of your circle, this is where you can define the size of it.

Start Angle - For creating a pie shaped cuts out of your circle.

End Angle - For creating a pie shaped cuts out of your circle.

Adjusting the Shape Settings



Fill - Select a fill color for the circle.

Stroke Width - Define the stroke (or border) width.

Stroke - Select a stroke color.

Adjusting the Style Settings


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