BoxTrans is a powerful tool to transition on/off full screen backgrounds. The widget is procedural which optimizes the performance much better than if you were to build this manually within the Composer.

To learn how to add a Widget to your Composition, click here

Remember, any underlined widget properties can be connected to a Control Node or a Data Node.


As seen above, select the "BoxTrans" tab in the Property Panel to update this widget's following property types:


The Preset is a quick way to see some predefined settings for BoxTrans. It’s a great place to start. Check the "Use Preset" box to activate this property. Activating this overrides all other animation settings below. 


Preset - Various animation preset options including Side Rotate, Side Slide, Top Slide, Grid Spin, and Blinds.


These settings relate to the motion of the elements across the entire screen.


Origin - Origin of initial animated object such as Top Left, Center, Bottom Right, etc.

Overlap % - Overlap of staggered animations

Axis - Axis stagger: X, Y, Both

Ease Style - Ease style stagger such as Quad, Linear, Strong, etc.

Ease Method - Ease method stagger: In, Out, InOut


These settings affect how the individual elements animate on/off.


Ease Style - Animation curve options. In other words, do your elements animate quicker or slower over time. Options include Linear, Cubic, Bounce, etc.

Ease Method - Where the Ease Style occurs: In, Out, In/Out

Scale Axis - Axis where the object scaling occurs: X, Y, Both

Scale (Start) - Initial scale of objects

Scale (End) - Final scale of objects

Transparency (Start) - Initial object transparency

Transparency (End) - Final object transparency

Slide X % - Object movement on the X axis over time

Slide Y % - Object movement on the Y axis over time

Rotation Axis - Axis where object rotation occurs such as X, Y, Z

Rotation Angle - Angle of object rotation over time


The duration of the animation is set in the Animation tab, not within the widget. Also, it is not possible to have a different In and Out animation. Whatever you set will simply play in reverse. You can set a different duration for the out animation by turning on 2 timelines and having a shorter duration for the outbound animation.


These settings affect the shape, color and amount of elements as well as mapping of an image.


Image - Add an image

Column Count - Amount of columns 

Row Count - Amount of Rows

Start Color - Color selector for start of transition

End Color - Color selection for end of transition 


Setting your Rows/Columns in "Display" can give you many interesting effects from tiny grids to vertical and horizontal blinds effects. Combined with Scale, Rotation and Slide in "Animation Settings", you can create numerous dynamic effects.


Setting the timeline to the middle of your transition in the Animation tab allows you to interactively make changes to your box transition and see the results immediately rather than having to play it In/Out every time. 

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