Modifying uno Template Compositions

Singular Templates have pre-defined customization options that are visible in the Control Interface. In the case of uno Templates, Compositions can be modified in order to make more custom adjustments to the overlays!

1. Turn on the Header Panel

Head over to the UI Layout panel and turn on the Header option.


2. Access the Composition

Click the Edit Composition button in the top right corner menu to dig into the template's Composition.


3. Rules for Modifying

Follow the rules below or your customized Composition will not work with the related UNO app:


  • Modify any Subcomposition geometry, animations and aesthetic styling
  • Add any desired Global Control Nodes (at the root level of the Composition tree). These will appear in the Customize panel of the app.


  • Add new Subcompositions
  • Delete any existing Control Nodes or modify their IDs
  • Modify any existing Subcomposition names in the tree
  • Change the Composition Script
  • Change the general structure of the Composition

If you have any questions about customizing uno templates, submit a request.

4. Refresh in the App

When changes have been made to a Composition, the Refresh button will automatically appear in the control interface.


Select the Refresh Composition button to see your changes instantly take place!

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