The Text Ticker widget allows users to easily add scrolling text to their Compositions. As the name suggests, this is useful for creating tickers within your Composition.

The Text Ticker Widget in action

To learn how to add a Widget to your Composition, click here.

Remember, any underlined widget properties can be connected to a Control Node or a Data Node.


As seen above, select the "Text Ticker" tab in the Property Panel to update this widget's following property types:


Text Box - Add whatever messaging you want in your ticker, here. Make sure to connect this to a "Text Area" type control node instead of a "Text" type control node. The "Text Area" control node allows you to separate message types with an enter (shift return).



Font - Various selectors to choose you font, font stye, italics and underline

Color - Color selector for text color

Letter Spacing (Pixels) - Spacing between letters

Word Spacing (Pixels) - Spacing between words

Height (%) - Height percentage of text within the Bounding Box

Ticker Messages


Advance per sec - How quickly the words advance/move across the screen per second (speed)

Direction - Direction of word movement across the screen (Right to Left OR Left to Right)

Padding - Text padding

Message Separator

Select the "Use" checkbox if you would like to use these properties


Image - Option to add an image to separate text when it repeats

Height (%) - Image height within the Bounding Box


Select the "Use" checkbox if you would like to use these properties


Direction (Degrees) - Shadow direction/angle

Distance (Pixels) - Shadow distance

Blur (Pixels) - Shadow blur

Color - Color selector for shadow color


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