Users can share widgets between Singular accounts. To do so you'll need to know the Account Name to share it with. If you know it, then you'll start with your "Widget Manager".

To learn how to add a Widget to your Composition, click here

1 - User Menu

Find the "User" menu within right portion of the Platform Toolbar

2 - Widget Manager

Select the "Widget Manager" option 

Navigating to the Widget Manager


3 - Enter Account Name

Find the "Shared With" box and type in the Account Name of the Singular account you want to share the widget with. Then press enter.


This is the Account Name, not an email address of a Singular user. 

Enter Account Name


4 - Notice

Notice that just adding the Account Name in the "Shared with" field DOES NOT share the widget

5 - Finish Sharing

You must click the "Save" icon in the upper right corner to make the widget available for use in the receiving account! 


If the account Name label you've added turns red, it means there is no account name by that title. Check the name and try again!

Complete Sharing

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