The Singular Dashboard is your go-to place to organize and store all of your Singular belongings. Since it's in the cloud you can access it everywhere - just sign into your account online here.

The Singular Dashboard


Sections of the Singular Dashboard

The Singular Dashboard is comprised of 5 main areas: the Platform Toolbar, Main Panel, Main Panel Filters, Navigation Panel, and the New Menu & Marketplace

1 - Platform Toolbar

Platform Toolbar


Toolbar for Accessing Singular Support, viewing account subscription status and accessing the User Menu for other additional features such as Account Settings.

2 - Main Panel

The space where you can view all of your assets.

3 - Main Panel Filters

These filters allow you to search for and view more information about your assets within the Main Panel. The "Dashboard Inspector" button, seen as an "i", exists on the right portion of this panel.

4 - Navigation Panel

The panel where you can navigate through your Singular assets.

5 - New Menu & Marketplace

The New menu is used for creating or uploading a variety of assets the shopping cart icon button is used to access the Marketplace.

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