The Composition Navigator is a key navigational tool in the Composer User Interface. Follow through these few steps to understand how to use it.

1 - Open

Open the Composition Navigator via CMD + F (Mac), CTRL + F (PC), or by clicking the Composition Navigator Button

Open the Composition Navigator


2 - Various Options

Explore the various functionalities of this navigator, listed below:

Composition Navigator Functionalities


A - The Composition Navigator is great for navigating between different Subcompositions by clicking on the name of the Subcomposition of your choosing

B - Within the Composition Navigator, you have the option to add and adjust Transition Timers of a Subcomposition by selecting its timer button

C - You can assign a Subcomposition to a new or existing Logic Layer by selecting a Subcomposition's layer dropdown menu

D - You can trigger In and Out Timeline Animations by clicking the In and Out buttons

E - Show and hide widget Subcompositions

F - Show and hide widgets with linked timelines 

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