Wirecast is a desktop-based live video streaming production tool by Telestream. It allows users to create live or on-demand broadcasts for the web.

Prepping the Overlays

Before you can output your overlays with Wirecast, you have to prep them in Studio. Learn how to prep your overlays in Studio in steps 1-4 of the Beginner's Guide.

Outputting with Wirecast

1 - Add Web Display

To add Singular in Wirecast, you will need to click on the "+" button, and select "Web Display" from the Backgrounds option

Click the "+" button and select "Web Display" from the Backgrounds option


2 - Adjust Information

In the "Web Display Properties Panel", (1) Give your new graphics layer a name. (2) Paste your Singular Output URL to the "address" field provided. (3) Set your output resolution. (4) Select "Transparent Background"

Adjust the information


3 - Scale to Fit

Go to the Settings tab and select "Scale to Fit" for your Singular graphics fill the whole output screen.

Fit your new Singular overlay layer to frame by selecting "Scale to Fit"



Set your width and height to match your output format (ex. 1920x1080)

If you are not seeing your graphics, make sure:

  • A) An overlay has been taken on-air (in the Output Window)
  • B) Your new Singular layer is on top of all video layers in Wirecast.
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