Pauses in Studio are designed to allow you to create gaps in an automatically advancing playlists.

Adding a Pause

Pauses are available to add to your show from the Add Overlay Button (the plus button), located in the right section of the Control Bar.


Adding a Pause


Adding a Timer to a Pause

The Pause will add to the bottom of your Playlist. It is added without a timer, so you will need to add the timer (in seconds) for as long as you want your break between looping pages to occur. You can add the timer by double clicking on the timer space in the right of the overlay.


Adding a Timer to a Pause


An Active Pause

While the Pause is active, it will appear just as a timed overlay does while it's on-air; with a progress bar denoting the time left in the Pause.


Progress bar on timed pause


Moving a Pause

Just like an overlay in a Playlist, you can click and drag the Pause wherever you want it to be in your Playlist.


Moving a Pause 

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