Studio: Adding and Removing Overlays

Adding Overlays

Adding an Overlay is the first thing you'll need to do in Studio. Each overlay serves as a template for you to customize with your specific content.

The "Add Overlay" blue plus button

One option to add overlays to your show is to click the blue plus sign button (the Add Overlay Button) on the right of the Control Bar.

Blue "Add Overlay" plus button


The "Click here to Add Overlay" button

Another option is to select the "Click Here to Add Overlay" button at the top of your Playlist Panel.  

"Click here to Add Overlay" button


Note that the "Click here to Add Overlay" button will only be available when your playlist is empty. When this menu is opened, you can add multiple overlays to your playlist at once without closing out.


Overlays are organized based on the Logic Layers they were assigned to when built in Singular's Composer.

Removing Overlays

At some point you might want to remove added overlays from the playlist panel. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

Right Clicking

Right click on the selected overlay in the Playlist Panel and choose "Delete".

Right clicking to delete


Delete Button

You can also select an overlay from the playlist panel and choose the "Delete Selected Overlay" trash button at the top of the panel.

Selecting the "Delete Selected Overlay" trash button.


Keystrokes to Delete

You can select the delete or backspace button on your keyboard to remove a selected overlay from the panel with a warning prompt. To remove an overlay without a warning prompt via a keystroke, select shift + delete or backspace.

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