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Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_1.43.24_PM.png provides a simple mechanism to use your overlays in a number of workflow scenarios via the Web Output. The Web Output is a URL (a webpage) that is assigned to a Control Application and displays the actual overlays. Typically, you would paste this URL into one of the programs listed below in order to combine your overlays with your live video.

Accessing your Web Output

The URL can be copied by clicking the clipboard icon in the upper right corner of your Control Application.


Copying Output URL from Control Application


You can access an Output URL Configuration menu by selecting the three dot menu in the upper right and then choosing "Output URL".



Because Singular is a native cloud application, the Web Output can be controlled regardless of where the Control Application resides. Overlays will display in a fraction of a second regardless of the operator location. For more information on remote operations, click here.

What to Do With Your Output URL

Singular Web Outputs can be used in 6 general locations: Cloud Production Software, Desktop Production Software & Appliances, NDI, SDI, Post Rendering and HTML Players. 

Cloud Production Software

The copied web output can be used in a variety of different cloud production software that supports browser URLs. These options range from professional broadcast solutions, to basic streaming options. The capabilities of these cloud options vary greatly from simple distribution to live production and editing. A few on these options are listed below:

  • Grabyo
  • Lightstream
  • Pebble Beach
  • Qvest Cloud
  • Sony Virtual Production
  • TVU Networks

Visit our Cloud Production Software tutorials.

Desktop Production Software & Appliances
Desktop production software is typically targeted at smaller streaming productions, however, they do offer a wide range of capabilities and great output quality. Singular integrates with these via the built in HTML overlay capabilities. Note that the performance and quality can vary greatly based on how efficient their code is. 
  • OBS
  • vMix
  • Xsplit
  • Wirecast
  • Touch Designer
  • LiveU Solo (Appliance)
  • Wowza Clearcaster (Appliance)

Visit our Desktop Production Software & Appliances tutorials.

Newtek (NDI/VizRT) via Singular Recast
Network Digital Interface (NDI) is a high performance IP standard from Newtek that is compatible with a variety of systems. With Singular Recast you can convert your overlays to an NDI signal in realtime. Recast is an executable that can run on most windows based computers.

More information on Recast.

Singular overlays can be converted to HD-SDI (Key+Fill) signals via a standard PC with a compatible SDI IO card running Touch Designer or OBS. Once converted to SDI, the feeds can be incorporated into most traditional baseband video workflow.

Information on SDI setup and configuration.

HTML Players

One of the most exciting aspects of Singular is that you can render directly on end viewers devices. This is accomplished via embedding the Singular Overlay within the HTML video player. Rendering on a users device allows personalized viewing experiences, interactivity, targeted advertising and much more. The following players are supported:

  • Vimeo
  • Bitmovin
  • JW Player
  • YouTube

Tutorial on embedding with HTML Players.  


Web outputs are free to use with a watermark. To remove the watermark view our pricing options.

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