Help us help you. If you spot any bugs within the Singular platform, please send us a message by following these steps:

1 - Select the Support Button

Select the support button within either the Dashboard, Composer or Studio. See below for how to do this in each area of the Singular platform.

Dashboard Support Button

The Support Button in the Platform Toolbar of the Dashboard


Composer Support Button

The Support Button in the top right corner of Composer


Studio Support Button

The Support Button in Studio's "Settings" menu


2 - Leave us a Message

Then, select the "Leave us a message" button in the bottom right of the pop-up, fill in the text box, add an attachment displaying the bug and hit the "Send" button. Expect to hear back from us on the status of the bug fix.

Select "Leave us a message", fill in the information, hit "Send"



To check the status of Singular and involved services, you can head over to

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