Can I send Compositions and Apps to other users?


You can send Compositions and Apps (as copies) to other users by using the “Send to User” function.

1 - Select the Composition or App

Within the dashboard, select the Composition or App you would like to send to a user

Select the desired Composition or App

2 - Select "Send to User"

Right click and select the "Send to User" function

Right click on the Composition or App and select "Send to User"


3 - Enter Email

Enter the registered user's email into the dialog box and click enter. If the email address is registered and valid, it will turn blue. Fill in the optional email message and click "Send"

Enter email address and click "Send"


4 - Appears in Inbox

The Compositions or Apps will be sent to the users "Inbox" folder. The user can now move the assets to whichever folder they choose.

Sent Composition or App appears in user inbox
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