Widgets are components of Composer and are the building blocks used to create overlays with ease. 

Singular includes a suite of Widgets such as Text, Rectangle, Circle, Image, etc. New Widgets are constantly developed and added to the Singular Widget Library.


Opening the Widget Library



Check out the widget tutorials section of this Support Portal to learn how to use every widget available in Composer

Customized Widgets are developed by customers, for specific needs, using the Singular WidgetSDK on the Singular Developer Site

Widgets fall into two basic categories, Basic and Advanced.

Basic Widgets

Basic Widgets are one in which you add the Widget to a composition and the options are straight forward with a simple set of properties.

Some examples of basic Widgets:

1. Text

2. Rectangle

3. Video Clip

Advanced Widgets

Advanced Widgets are usually dependent on additional Compositions in order to function. In addition they require data or code such as JSON, CCS, HTML, and SVG Code, in order to make the Widget work.

For example the Grid Widget requires that a single row and or column is built in a dedicated Composition as a child to the parent Sub-Composition.  It needs this in order for the Widget to replicate a single rows and or columns Grid size. In addition this Widget requires JSON data. The same principle is true for the Table Widget and Video Playlist Widget for example.

Some examples of advanced Widgets:

1. Grid

2. Table

3. Video Playlist

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