OneDrive should be used for POCs and testing purposes only. We recommend a professional file hosting service like Amazon S3 for reliable video playback.

The Singular Dashboard doesn't host video files but if you need to play a few small video clips in your overlays for POCs and testing purposes, they can be hosted and accessed elsewhere. One easy and free option is to host video files on your OneDrive.
Simply upload the files to your OneDrive and follow the steps below for use in a Video Clip Widget.

1. Access OneDrive via Microsoft Edge

Login to OneDrive inside of Microsoft's web browser, Edge. This is important so that you can have access to certain UI options.

2. Download the hosted clip

Right click on your uploaded OneDrive video file and select "Download".


3. Copy download link

Select the settings option next to your downloaded file at the base of the browser and choose "Copy download link".


3. Use in Video Clip Widget

Drop this public download link in the Video Clip Widget and you're good to go!

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  • Hi, I can't get this to work. I do the trick with copying the download link after downloading, but I can't get it to load in Singular. When I test the link it starts downloading the file immediately in all browsers. The file is VP9 .webm. 

    The only difference from the example above is that I'm on a Mac(with Edge). Any ideas? Thanks!


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