OneDrive should be used for POCs and testing purposes only. We recommend a professional file hosting service like Amazon S3 for reliable video playback.

The Singular Dashboard doesn't host video files but if you need to play a few small video clips in your overlays, they can be hosted and accessed elsewhere. One easy and free option is to host video files on your Google Drive.
Simply upload the files to your Google Drive and follow the steps below for use in a Video Clip Widget.

1. Copy Video Shared Link

Right click on your video file and select "Get link".


Modify the permissions to "Anyone with the link" to make it accessible to the Singular platform. Then copy it.


2. Modify Link

Change file/d / 1wMzadwS26iAy9E8ypNG7mUH1ns4sZ7wL /view?usp=sharing


3. Use in Video Clip Widget

Drop your modified link in the Video Clip Widget and you're good to go!

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  • Hi.

    I can't seem to get a particular video to work via Video Clip widget when its hosted in Google Drive. Other videos work on Google Drive - all videos are webm, same FPS & resolution except the one the does not work is 140mb whereas the other files that do work are around 40mb. Is it due to the file size?

  • It's possible that this is related to file size. Can you submit a support ticket to us with your project links so we can dig into your particular use case & troubleshoot? Submit a ticket, here.


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