Singular Overlays and Webcams for Video Chat (PC Version)

Singular overlays now work with webcams!

The following workflow is specifically useful when video chatting on software like Zoom and you want to add overlays to your own camera. Before you get started, make sure to use the "Video Chat" theme from the Marketplace.


"Video Chat" theme in Marketplace

1 -  Add your Overlays into OBS

Prepare your overlays and add them into OBS. Check out this tutorial to complete step one.

2 - Install OBS VirtualCam Add-on

Click here to download and install the Virtual Cam add-on for OBS. This will allow you to output your overlays and webcam video as a virtual camera that your video chat software can pick up. (Might require a restart after the install)

3 - Select VirtualCam in OBS

In the "Tools" menu in OBS, select the new "VirtualCam" option to send your OBS feed to the virtual camera.


Customize the VirtualCam settings.



If you choose "AutoStart", your VirtualCam will be running every time you open up OBS.

4 - Choose the Virtual Camera in Video Chat Software

For all video chat software, dig into the video settings and change your webcam to "OBS Camera".


If you have more than one OBS virtual camera set up, multiple options will be listed under your video chat settings.


Select the arrow button in the bottom left corner to choose your virtual camera called "OBS Camera".

OBS Camera option in Zoom

Google Hangouts

Choose the "Settings" menu option.

Selecting "Settings" in Google Hangouts


Select the Camera dropdown menu.

Selecting the Camera dropdown menu


Choose the "OBS-Camera" option.

Choosing "OBS-Camera" option


Hit the Settings gear and change your "Video settings" option to your new "OBS-Camera".


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