LiveU Solo is a professional-grade wireless video encoder offering one-touch streaming to popular social media networks. Stream your LiveU video with real-time overlays from Singular.

Prepping the Overlays

Before you can output your overlays with LiveU Solo, you have to prep them in Studio. Learn how to prep your overlays in Studio in steps 1-4 of the Beginner's Guide.

Outputting with LiveU Video

1 - Log in to your Solo Portal

Log in to your Solo Portal


2 - Make sure your LiveU device is online and ready to go

Have your device prepped


3 - RTMP Destination to Lightstream

You can set your LiveU Destination to RTMP and send it to Lightstream in order to add your Singular overlays on top of your live video.

A - Log into Lightstream Studio

Log into your Lightstream account or sign up at


B - Add "RTMP Source" Layer in Lightstream (for your LiveU video)

Add an "RTMP Source" Layer


Get ready to copy the Ingest Key and Stream Key to paste into LiveU. The "Copy" button is designated for copying the Stream Key and the "Copy Ingest URL" text is to copy the Ingest Key.

RTMP Ingest and Stream Keys in Lightstream


C - Prepare the "RTMP Generic" Destination in LiveU 

Choose the "RTMP Generic" Destination option in LiveU, give your Destination a name, set the Profile size, and paste in your Ingest Key and Stream Key from Lightstream. You can ignore the "Secondary Ingress URL" box. 

Make sure to set your Profile to 720p at 30fps at most. Setting a higher quality will require a paid subscription level in Lightstream.

Prepare LiveU RTMP Settings


Prepare LiveU RTMP Settings


D - Select "GO LIVE" in LiveU

Now that all the RTMP settings are ready, select the "GO LIVE" button in the upper right corner to start going live with your video.

Selecting "GO LIVE" button


When the RTMP it fully live, "Now LIVE" this will appear in red under your device in the upper left corner:

"Now LIVE" will appear under your device


Now that your LiveU video is LIVE, the video should appear within Lightstream. It may take a few minutes for the RTMP source to be received in Lightstream.

LiveU RTMP Video Source Received in Lightstream


E - Add Singular Overlays into Lightstream (via 3rd Party Integration)

Now that your video feed is looking good, you're ready to add your Singular overlays. The next step is to click the plus (+) button next to LAYERS, select 3rd Party Integrations, and choose

Adding Layer, Choosing 3rd Party Integrations


Choosing SINGULAR.LIVE Layer Added


Now that you've added your Singular.Live layer, you'll have to paste in your Output URL. Jump back over to your Studio show that you've prepared, hit the clipboard button in the upper right to copy the Output URL.

Finally, paste it into the Singular Output URL space in Lightstream.

Pasting Output URL into Lightstream Layer


Note that the logo in the center only appears when this layer is selected in Lightstream. Choose the RTMP layer and see that it disappears. It will not appear in the live output.

F - Stream to Destination!

Your LiveU video is being sent to Livestream and your Singular overlays have been added. You're ready to stream this live sandwich to your desired destination by hitting "GO LIVE" in the upper right corner of Lightstream.


Note that Lightstream provides static RTMP keys so whenever you want to go live again using this same workflow, none of these settings have to change. All you have to do is go live with your RTMP video in LiveU, make sure your video feed is coming nicely into Lightstream, your Singular overlays are looking good and then hit GO LIVE.

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  • Why do we have to use a third party live stream software when using your overlays? i have a live u solo. light stream has overlays so it defeats the purpose of using your software.  

  • Hi Tommy Perez,

    Unfortunately LiveU Solo's portal doesn't have an option to add in a browser layer (a Singular output). So the video feed needs to be send to a software that does. One free option we recommend is Lightstream but there might be others that ingest RTMP and browser urls for the purposes of combining your video with Singular overlays. We understand this isn't ideal and are hoping LiveU will support browser layers in the future!


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