easylive.io is a cloud-based live streaming production studio.

Prepping the Overlays

Before you can output your overlays with easylive.io, you have to prep them in Studio. Learn how to prep your overlays in Studio in steps 1-4 of the Beginner's Guide.

Outputting with easylive.io

Getting your prepped Singular overlays into easylive.io to add it to your production workflow can be done in the following steps:

1 - Login to easylive.io, enter a live stream, navigate to "Production"

Create a new live stream or enter an existing one.



Then hit the "Production" button in the left panel.



2 - Add Singular layer on separate layer

Click on the "Add new layer" plus button. 


Move that layer up above any video layers so your overlays will sit on top.


Moving new layer above video layer


Then select the "Add an Input" button, click "Webpage" in the left panel of the pop-up menu and then choose Singular.live. 



Adding a Singular.live Input


You'll be prompted to add a url.


"Enter website URL" pop-up menu


Copy your show's Output URL from your Control Application. Then head back to EasyLive. Paste your Output URL into the designated field. Once fully loaded, your show's overlays should appear. 


Pasting Output URL, dragging Singular layer over video layer



Singular overlays now in PREVIEW


For Advanced Users

easylive.io accepts the standard http://app.singular.live/output/ URL from Singular but it also accepts the other following Singular URL types:
  • http://beta.singular.live/output/... 
  • http://app.singular.live/devices/...
  • http://beta.singular.live/devices/... 


If you are having issues seeing your overlays in the preview window, check to make sure that you have clicked on your new overlay layer and that an overlay is taken on-air in your Control Application. Additionally, make sure this new Singular layer is above any video layers within easylive.io.

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