's Singular Recast is a dedicated engine that converts our overlays to various streaming formats. Our initial output format is Newtek’s open source NDI®. Newtek’s NDI® open source standard has become one of the most widely used professional streaming formats with over 900 development partners worldwide. 


Recast does not support H264 or audio playback. It does support VP8 and VP9.  We also suggest having Recast dedicated to it's own computer (NDI is very heavy on network traffic) and operating your overlays from another machine/device.

To download the latest version of Singular Recast for Windows, click here

Easily integrate into your NDI® studio workflow with Singular Recast. Follow the walkthrough below to get up and running in minutes.

1 - Install, Open and Select Settings

Install and open up Singular Recast. Select the settings button in the upper right corner to make the Playout settings fields editable

Open Singular Recast, Click Settings


2 - Add Stream Name and Output URL

Enter in your desired NDI stream name, change the "Type" to "Manual URL" and paste in your Web Output URL.

Add Stream Name and Paste Output URL



To view this NDI stream (with your chosen name), use Newtek's free NDI monitor, here.

3 - Set Resolution

Set Resolution


4 - Set Framerate

Set your NDI output Framerate

Set Framerate

5 - Start

Click the "Start" button to begin and view the Status

Click "Start"


GPU Rendering Option


Recast renders Singular on the CPU or has an option for GPU.

GPU Rendering - ON

We recommend utilizing the GPU for better performance. Any standard graphics card should be able to handle it. When GPU Rendering is on, Recast will render the web page on the GPU which will typically result in better performance and quality in the rendering. 

However, due to the differences in GPU manufacturing, there can be different results in how the HTML is rendered. So if you see anomalies in the rendering, you can turn this off. 

GPU Rendering - OFF

Rendering is pushed to the CPU which is much more consistent on different computers but can also result in slower rendering. As for RAM, 8GB should be enough, but more is always better.

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  • At our company we use Recast in production. On a dedicated PC. Nonetheless, sometimes like always, you need to restart the software or reboot the PC. So I noticed: whenever you start Recast, it defaults to 'test' URL (not 'manual URL'. Even worse, even after selecting 'manual URL', it doens't use the previously entered URL. You still have to delete the URL in the URL-field, and paste your own Singular URL again. Only after this, and setting it onair (and choosing framerate and resolution) you can put it to air.

    I found in the program-folder a 'Recast.exe.config' file. Opening this in notepad reveals some promising ideas. Is there a syntax/howto, to enter the needed info in this file, so I can have Recast start automaticaaly with:

    • 'manual URL'
    • my URL filled in
    • 1920x1080 choosen
    • 50p choosen
    • 'myNDIname' filled in so it outputs NDI with this name always
    • GPU on or off
    • 'start' (so the software starts with above parameters already set, and is started to output NDI automatically)
  • Hi Jan, we recommend starting Singular Recast from the command line for your use case.

    1. Locate the installation folder for Singular Recast runtime
    cd C:\Program Files\SINGULAR.LIVE\Recast\cef-ndi

    2. Start Recast using the command line:
    cef-ndi.exe --width=1920 --height=1080 --fps=60 [--group={{your-ndi-group}}] --name={{your-ndi-name}} --url={{your-singular-output-url}}

    Let us know if it works for you!

  • Tnx, for the very quick and to the point reply!

    But not quiet there yet ... tried 2 things:

    • a BAT script with this content (with and without different brackets as in your example, ... I don't see anything happening, Recast doesn't launch, also not 'invisible')
      @echo ON
      C:\Program Files\SINGULAR.LIVE\Recast\cef-ndi\cef-ndi.exe --width=1920 --height=1080 --fps=50 --group=Public --name=Singular --url=
    • run the command you gave me straight from the WIndows prompt, gave me errors (especially GPU related errors. Which would be normal since this machine doens't have a dedicated GPU. So I need the GPU option turned off)
  • Hi Jan, you'll need to add the option --disable-gpu to the command line:

    "C:\Program Files\SINGULAR.LIVE\Recast\cef-ndi\cef-ndi.exe" --width=1920 --height=1080 --fps=50 --group=Public --name=Singular --disable-gpu --url=

  • I've been wondering the same thing for a while. Same issue as jandewever. Using the --disable-gpu flag didn't make any difference.

    Error from the console:

    [0921/] Lost UI shared context.
    [0921/] Unable to move the cache: 0
    [0921/] Unable to move cache folder GPUCache to old_GPUCache_000
    [0921/] Unable to create cache
    [0921/] Shader Cache Creation failed: -2
  • Hi Midway Covenant Tech Team,

    The error message indicates that the cache folder is not defined, not accessible or locked. In such case, CEF will store cache data in the memory.When running multiple instances of cef-ndi.exe users should define the option --cache-path=C:/your-unique-cache-path in the command line.

    "C:\Program Files\SINGULAR.LIVE\Recast\cef-ndi\cef-ndi.exe" --width=1920 --height=1080 --fps=50 --group=Public --name=Singular3 --disable-gpu --cache-path=./Cache03 --url=

  • Is there a way I can download this for MAC?

  • Hi nightrunnerstudio at this time we only have a version of Recast for PC.

  • Hi, is it possible to use this to render any webpage? It seems that if I try another URL it just sends out black. We use it for the Recast GFX but it would handy to use it to render other webpages that we want in productions via NDI.

  • simon Singular Recast should be able to render any webpage into NDI, but we tested it only with Singular output URLs. There might be issues with other webpages we are not aware of. What webpage are you trying to render? Can you send us the URL so we can test it? Either here or in a new Support Ticket is fine.

  • Just as a test I was trying


  • Hi simon can you verify if you are running the latest version of Recast? The download link is here. Our team tested it with that url and it worked fine.


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