Once you've created a Singular account, you can invite as many users as you wish to join you. Users cannot request to be added to your account. Only account owners can send out user invites. The following steps teach you how to send out user invites.

1 - Go to Settings

To start, navigate to the Singular Dashboard. From here, select the User Menu in the Platform Toolbar and click on "Settings". 

Select Settings in the Dashboard


2 - User Administration

In the left menu under the "Account" section, select "User Administration". You can also navigate to https://app.singular.live/users/settings/useradmin

User Administration


3 - Invite User

Select the "Invite User" button and fill out the information of the person you wish to invite.

Invite User


Send Invite


Make sure to hit enter after typing in the email address.

4 - User Verification

The invited user will be sent a verification email and be prompted to set up a password. Once the password has been created, the new user will be logged into their new username within your account!

Invite Email Received


Setting Password


5 - Confirmation of Active User

As account owner, you should be able to see when any of your invited users have been confirmed and become active. "Active" account status is designated by a green dot. Similarly, "Inactive" account status is designated by an orange dot.

Confirmed Active User



If you would like to learn how to change user permissions, please visit this article.

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